Vivacity | Vivacity Group is a consulting company that facilitates Fresh, Interactive Workshops and Events to Create Dynamic Teams and Empower Leaders at your workplace
Vivacity Group is a Training Consultancy Fresh, Interactive Workshops and Events to Create Dynamic Teams and Empower Leaders at your work.
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& Training

Performance and core management skills to bring out the best in others to create a workplace where morale is high and people are motivated.

REAL Leadership 


We enable leaders to leverage their own authentic style, to inspire and influence others through emotional intelligence, mindfulness and presenting and storytelling techniques.

Talks  &


We can kick off your seminar, define your conference or close an event in style. Our talks and keynotes will galvanise your audience and make a lasting impression.

Facilitation  &

Away Days

We facilitate your meetings, MC your events or run client engagement and away days that bring a new experience and a bit of adventure to the workplace.


Vivacity: The Life Force

If you care about making a difference in the workplace by motivating and bringing out the best in others, then we can help you.


Our fresh, insightful and interactive workshops develop leadership influence and help people master interpersonal management skills. Based on sound psychological principles and the latest research, they are designed to give practical tools, unexpected insights and innovative experiences that really get people thinking and performing better.


The Vivacity Effect

Engage Your Customers0%
Energize Your Team0%
Enhance Your Reputation0%
Create a Vibrant Culture0%
Attract and Retain the Best People0%
Improve Collaboration and Productivity0%

Your Team is Important


Vivacity helps build your culture, energise your team, enhance collaboration and motivate your people.


This will increase both your business and personal reputation by attracting clients and customers who are excited to work with you.


What Our Clients Say!