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Vivacity Group Consulting London is a Training consultant conducting workshops in Management and leadership training located in London by creating Fresh, Interactive Workshops and Events to Create Dynamic Teams and Empower Leaders at your work.
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Your Leadership Story
Use your life experience to influence and inspire
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Our mission is to ‘bring life to work and work to life’ because we believe that when people are engaged, enthused and eanergised in the workplace they are more productive, innovative and effective. Achieving a team culture like this takes a certain empowered and empowering leadership.


That’s what we help you achieve.

The Vivacity Effect

Engage Your Customers0%
Energize Your Team0%
Enhance Your Reputation0%
Create a Vibrant Culture0%
Attract and Retain the Best People0%
Improve Collaboration and Productivity0%

Million Work Days Lost to Stress in UK Last Year


Percent say there is a significant gap between what they say is important in their life and how they actually live


Percent of employees who feel actively engaged at work around the world