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Select from Bite-size, Half and Full Day workshops and masterclasses for leaders, managers and teams. Each is tailored to your specific needs and desired outcomes. Topics include: Courageous Conversations Giving Effective Appraisals Presenting with Power and Presence Team Spirit and Collaboration Influencing and Persuading Talk with us to find the right workshops to fit your situation, budget and desired results.
Management Workshops & Training,  Leadership Programmes, Storytelling for Leaders Seminar, Facilitation  Away Days & Events
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Leverage your own authentic style to inspire and empower others through emotional intelligence, personal presence, branding and storytelling.


We develop REAL leaders who are Responsive, Emotionally intelligent, Authentic and able to Leverage opportunities in the environment and out of peoples’ potential. Our new book, Your Leadership Story: Use your life experience to influence and inspire shares this and more.

Our REAL Leadership Programme


This programme of coaching and facilitated workshops is designed to enable you to become a REAL leader. It taps into your own emotional intelligence and unique, authentic spirit to:

  • define your identity, values and vision as a leader
  • communicate and engage people with your personal brand
  • influence, inspire and empower others
  • build your reputation through presence and gravitas
  • communicate difficult messages with confidence and compassion
  • present with power and presence

Storytelling for Leaders


Learn the art of storytelling to inspire and influence. Make a lasting impression with your colleagues and clients in pitches, presentations and meetings. Your leadership story is the most powerful way to convey your message and create connection and rapport that leads to your business success.

Facilitation and Event Design and Delivery


Whether you have a speaker-led conference, small event or away-day coming up we design and deliver bespoke events that will engage clients and colleagues and bring a new experience plus a bit of vivacity to the workplace.

How to Leap in

Select from our keynote talks and breakout sessions on:

  • Getting REAL in an Unreal world
  • Your Story, Your Message
  • Quantum Leap to Success: step up by making big strides
  • Shark Diving and the Power of Vulnerability
  • Ignite the Spark: Fire up your Dreams and Visions

Talk to us today about what you are looking for. All our workshops, talks and events are tailor-made to your specific needs and outcomes. We can help you find the right fit for your situation, budget and desired results.


Call or email:
to find out more or arrange a meeting.


Percent of job seekers say brand or reputation of a company is the most important consideration in a potential new job

Gallup 2017


Minutes we can be away from our phones before feeling anxious

Larry Rosen iDisorder


Percent of workers say work-related pressure has increased in the last five years